Styling and Photography Collaboration


Photography and Styling by Daniel Knoll 

Happy Sunday! Since attending an art school I have collaborated with several individuals for my blog. Recently I had my friend Daniel Knoll shoot and style me. Daniel and I shared a couple of classes together and after seeing his work I was interested in collaborating with him. For this shoot I gave Daniel no guidelines in how I wanted to look because I trust his style 100%. He chose to go with a 70’s aesthetic that was emphasized in the printed pants, sunglasses, and a collard shirt. Going into this shoot we both wanted to go with the flow and find unique locations. We felt browsing around the city and just stopping in random locations would be the best way to go. Now looking through the photos, I fell in love with the variation of angles and poses. My favorite location we shot at was the Palmer House Hilton Hotel  where we found unique staircases and detailed ceilings.

If you’re interested in photography or styling in the Chicago area, check out Daniel Knoll. His unique style and his love for fashion is inspiring and I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with him and I plan to do so in the future as well.

Thank you Daniel for such a fun experience.


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