The Perfect Puffer


Last weekend I was in New Buffalo, Michigan for a family getaway! In Chicago it has barely snowed so I enjoyed the blizzard we were in. It was so nice to have a relaxing weekend with the people I love the most. We were driving back to our Airbnb after visiting the casino when we noticed a women had driven off of the road. She was struggling to get her car out of the snow, so we all stopped to help. Total there was 11 people helping and then my niece and I had the idea of pulling our cameras out of the car and just having fun in the snow, and I love how these photos turn out. It’s always the best to be captured at complete random because it genuinely shows the mood. And I was having so much fun.

I have been eyeing this velvet puffer for the longest time. When it was Cyber Monday Free People had it marked down 50% off so it was a “have to” purchase. I purchased this in a size medium because I wanted to be able to layer sweaters underneath without it being too tight. It was already oversized so I could have gotten away with a small. I hope in these photos you think this puffer is as cute as I do. The blue is so vibrant and it’s extremely comfortable, warm, and very soft because of the velvet. It is no longer on sale but it does come in other colors as well! I can see myself having this for years. The only downfall is that the pockets are sewn shut. So no pockets! Overall I think this is the perfect puffer!

Outfit details:


STAR JEANS (These are the cropped version, but they have the cutest unique denim)



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