How To Know What To Wear

unnamed-2Everyday we all go to our closets or dressers and debate what to wear. Sometimes I understand we just throw on our favorite jeans or T-shirt but what about the times you stand staring into your overwhelming wardrobe.  Here are some things that I think about when I honestly have no idea what to wear and maybe you can think about these things next time you’re puzzled in what to wear.

  1. Weather. This is something I do almost everyday when picking out clothes. I pull up my weather app and see if it’s going to rain, a little chilly out, or the temperature is low. So if it’s raining pull out some cute rain boots and your rain coat. This will give you a pretty good direction on to what you should wear for the day.
  2. Comfort. In school right now I am learning a lot about fabrics and how to pick the right ones. Going along with weather, if it’s going to be a warm day you want to stick with cotton, linen, hemp the natural fibers. They are breathable and going to keep you comfy as well.
  3. Occasion. Are you going to work? School? An event? Think about the level of appropriateness you have to present for wherever your going. If you work in a professional environment for work go with a blazer and some high waisted trousers. If you’re going to an event to possibly network for a job you don’t want to wear a mini skirt and a low cut top.
  4. New Clothes. Have you went shopping lately? Try out some new pieces you’ve bought and see how they can be worked with some of your favorite items in your wardrobe.
  5. Step out of your comfort level. Ok I am a victim of just conforming to some things that I know will be comfy or I know will work with something else in my wardrobe, but switch it up! Don’t wear those yoga pants today or your favorite hoodie. Try something new and you might surprise yourself with a new favorite look!
  6. Stay true to your style. Being in fashion school I constantly am surrounded by different styles and it’s extremely inspiring to be around and make me try to dress similar, but I always feel not myself. Stay true to your style, don’t try to be like someone else because you’ll end up just feeling out of place and uncomfortable.
  7. Accessorize. Hopefully now you have an idea of what to wear add some accessorizes. Would a hat fit the look? A scarf? Does your outfit need a layered necklace or a choker? Try it on and see what you like best.
  8. Shoes. Make these your focal point or make it go along with your outfit. If you’re outfit is pretty simple, make your shoes bold! Or think about the weather or occasion again. If you’re going to a concert try not to wear open toed shoes because you might be jumping around others (and don’t want to get trampled) or because your festival might contain lots of walking. Going to a professional event and don’t like heels? Go with stylish mules or loafers.

These are just some things I think about or go through when I am having trouble finding an outfit for the day. I hope this helps anyone who feels like they need some help! Try these little tips/tricks when staring into your closet.

xo, Chloe ❤

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