The Universal Pant

IMG_2823IMG_2826IMG_2825IMG_2828IMG_2829IMG_2830These Billy Reid pants are one of the most universal pants I have ever owned. Once I purchased them I wasn’t sure on how to wear them, with sweats or heels. Then I decided why conform to one way when they can be worn both ways. The comfort and quality of these assures me that I will have these for years to come. To put emphasis on my long legs I wanted to pair these pants with a cropped hoodie (super cozy by the way) and white sneakers . When I dress these pants down I like it to be simple and comfortable just like the pants. IMG_2834IMG_2841IMG_2832IMG_2835IMG_2843IMG_2845IMG_2837IMG_2838IMG_2839Dressing these up is easy because honestly you just need heels, or a fancier shoe. I suggest mules or an oxford shoe would be nice as well. Since it is now fall I can’t wait to pair these with a chunky sweater or a sleek turtle neck. I personally paired it with a wrap top. Like I always say, there are no rules to fashion. Create your own rules. These pants are on sale and I highly recommend them. I believe these pants are a complete staple in my wardrobe. The quality paired with how universal they are are make it a piece everyone needs.


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