The Riley Family

C33F1955-E7E5-4DB6-BACD-FBA33AFAACD3IMG_2388IMG_2915IMG_2360IMG_2352IMG_238215A39E44-C9CC-4B02-A084-E49426EA3E3DDD590EAC-25DE-419C-8E43-1A8DBE55042671B656A9-D404-47C8-8D99-6D3D886845F3E9A906CB-0937-44EB-93C0-30FEE2095ECAHere is my family. I have eight brothers and sisters, three in-laws, and eleven nieces and nephews. Yes.. were a big family but we aren’t just any family, we are the Riley’s. So let me give you an insight of what that entails.

The Riley’s are a family that gets a little too rowdy during Pictionary, wakes up way too early on Christmas morning, watches home videos from childhood at Disney World, makes choreographed dances to Christmas music (yes I am serious), and always has someone showing up late (Jason & Jermaine). But that’s not all we are. We all have this unspeakable bond. A love that is shared so strongly between one another, we can feel it in any room we share.

If I could describe in one word the way I feel when I am with my family it would be “home”. There’s something about all of us that fits together perfectly like a puzzle. It is the most comfortable puzzle. Of course we fight and have disagreements but we never have lost this bond and never will.

I want to say thank you to my parents. Thank you for always making us get together even if it doesn’t fit perfectly in our busy schedules, and making us realize the importance of family. Thank you to my brothers for protecting me and questioning every single boy to step foot into my life. Thank you to my sisters for teaching me to be the best possible woman. Thank you to my in-laws for loving my siblings unconditionally and making them the happiest they’ve ever been. Thank you to my siblings that made me an aunt. An aunt to eleven incredibly talented children. Even though it’s made me become designated babysitter, it has given me immense joy to see those beautiful children grow.

I cannot express in words the love I have for each and every one of you. All of you have taught me something about myself and have made me appreciate every second we spend together as a family. I know we probably have more issues than normal families, more set backs and more arguments but we aren’t an average family. We are the Riley Family.

I love you all,



*not pictured, Jason, Jarron, and Jayden*


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