How Fashion Can Inspire You To Be Confident


The other day I decided to do a little bit of school shopping in the city. This is why it’s so dangerous that I live 20 minutes walking distance to all of my favorite stores. Before leaving my apartment I sat in front of my closet debating on what to wear for quite some time. First I pulled out a basic Adidas crew neck and paired it with some leggings and sneakers. Standing in front of the mirror I realized that this outfit did nothing for me. It honestly made me feel like a slump and that radiated off of me. Then I figured you know what, I wanna look good and feel good about myself so I will wear something that does just that.

Confidence is something many people struggle with, especially women in today’s society. Social media shows us what kind of body were suppose to have, what were suppose to wear, eat, etc. I’m not just going to say you’re beautiful, talented, and therefor you should be confident because the truth is.. it isn’t that simple. Self confidence goes way deeper.

What I love about fashion is that it is a reflection of you and it can be a way for others to get a sense of who you really are. I’m not saying that if you wake up everyday and put on a hoodie, leggings, and your favorite tennis shoe that you appear lazy or a slump. But you have to OWN that outfit. Stop comparing yourself to the girl next to you that decided to put on a full face of makeup, heels, and a mini skirt because you’re not her. You are your own person and let that reflect in your style. Be confident in what you wear because I promise that reflects to others.

I decided to wear something that made me feel confident going out in the world. I put on my favorite dark lipstick, a simple white blouse, high-waisted fitted jeans, and snakeskin booties. Some may think that I put in too much effort to just go to some shops, but I don’t mind what they think because I feel confident in what I am wearing.

So show off your curves, flaunt those leggings, wear a V-neck that swoops too low, pair your outfit with gaudy jewelry, strut in 4-inch heels, and don’t look back. Be confident in what you wear. Once you start to build up confidence with your physical appearance it may lead to more confidence internally. At the end of the day your opinion and happiness is the only thing that matters.

-xo, Chloe

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