Chloe Who?

If you know me you’re probably wondering what the word after Chloe on my blog means and why it’s even there. I could have used my last name or even my middle name because that is what people expect or would have expected if you already know me as a person. Étoile is french, for the word star. Now you may be more confused as to why I have the word star after my name imprinted on my blog reading “Chloe star”. Well I’m going to tell you a little story.

I’ve always had an fascination with stars. The fact that there is a ball of mixed gases in the sky that shines millions of miles away and is visible to the human eye amazes me. Stars aren’t something obnoxiously beautiful but subtly extremely beautiful. So what does that have to do with me? In my life theres been times where I have struggled to find my light, my purpose in this world filled with darkness. Constantly having trouble with self worth, self confidence, and self respect has led me to a very dark path in the past. I was surrounding myself with the wrong people, choosing the wrong solutions to all of my problems and soon it became exhausting as well as self destructing.

Faith is something that completely changed my life. When I was broken and felt that I had no one to turn to I prayed. And I continued to pray and to have faith that my life would turn around. Eventually my life did change and I started becoming a better me by removing those who were bad influences, being happy with the skin I was in, thinking before doing, following my heart and most importantly thanking the king above.

Going along with following my heart, led to following my dreams. My dream has always been to go to fashion school and one day own my very own store. For some reason I believed that I couldn’t achieve this dream so I prayed. For years. And here I am today living in downtown Chicago starting fashion school in one week. I still wake up every morning and stand on my balcony staring into the city wondering how I got here.

Stars may be something that just shines in the sky but to me I am a star. In the midst of all the darkness in life I still am shining. I wake up everyday extremely blessed that I get another day to shine in this life. This chaotic and sometimes dark life. When I own a store one day I want to name it Étoile. Not just because it sounds cool or because my name is French as well but because I believe we are all stars. And we should feel like stars. We all have our different ways of shining in life and I hope that if you don’t feel like you shine or have a purpose, you find that one thing in life that shines brightest in you. If it wasn’t for my darkness and struggles I wouldn’t be the star I am today. So be a star and shine as bright as you can! Be Étoile.


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